From 09/2011 - 11/2015 I worked at Babendererde Engineers (BE) in Bad Schwartau as a Software Engineer. BE is an international consultancy company specialising in tunneling and underground works. Their field of work include the development of TPC - Tunnelling Process Control, a software system for data management and and real-time monitoring during large scale tunneling projects.
During the last three years as a Software Engineer I have developed the mobile tracking application TPC - Segment Tracker (TPC-ST) as an add-on for the main software TPC. TPC-ST is a cross-platform application for Android and iOS devices. It is being used succesfully by construction companies to track the lifecycle, quality and damage of concrete elements which are installed in a tunnel.
Furthermore my field of work includes the installation of TPC - Tunnelling Process Control on job sites, as well as international project support and training.